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My family owned Alamo Angus Ranches headquartered on the banks of the Medina River west of in San Antonio, Texas. The ranch had multiple operations in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Alamo Angus Ranches was known for being the largest registered Angus herd in the Southwestern United States. In 1959 I started learning about Border Collies from the late Arthur N. Allen of McCleansboro, Illinois. After a number of years buying pups and training efforts, I began training for Arthur by starting select young pups from his breeding program until 1978.  Arthur would see a pup from a litter that he particularly liked and would ship them to me to raise and initiate their training. Once going well, Arthur would sell the young collie and ship in another pup. The varying livestock support raised on the ranches provided a unique experience for training young dogs to be useful ranch assets.

In 1985, I sponsored the NASD North American Supreme Championship trial in Uvalde, Texas where Bob Childress and Meg were chosen as the North American Supreme Champions by Judge John Templeton. My experiences with a number of the master shepherds in Scotland since 1959 resulted in what we consider a stable resource of genetic predictability. Although Border Collies West does not produce large quantities of pups, the ones that you do see in today's competitive events are proof that this foundation has become an invaluable contribution in our pursuit of producing quality Border Collies. Genetic predictability has been a significant factor in the economic success of livestock breeding. Border Collies West applies the same focus upon genetics while selectively breeding for quality working Border Collies. We strive to provide actual ranch assets that excell well beyond the formatted trial course. We enjoy the rewarding satisfaction that many of our progeny have had in competitive events. But, there is nothing more evident of our success than a good farmer, feedlot operator or rancher pleased with the performance of their Border Collies West working companion. 
Border Collies West
Sponsor of the 1985 North American Supreme Championship Trial Uvalde, Texas
Judge: John J. Templeton, MBE Scotland
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